Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol

Since having our second child my television time has been cut drastically.  I want to watch Dancing with the Stars and Amazing Race but I just can't commit.  I wasn't planning on watching American Idol since Simon left but Randy & I watched the first few episodes and loved it!  I think this is the best season...I do miss Simon one seems to be as honest as he was.

My favorite idol this season is Casey.  He is unique, different, and very quirky.  I love his style!!

There are 11 idols left and my Casey was eliminated tonight....despite my 12 calls from last night.  My heart broke & I actually cried a little tear as he "sang for his life".  (For those who don't watch A.I. the idol judges have a one time save they can use once during the season if they feel an idol has been voted off too early.  The idol has to "sing for their life"...and then the judges make their decision.)  It's still early in the season for the judges to use their "save" but as Casey was singing they stopped him in the middle of the song to tell him it was not necessary for him to continue singing - he was saved!!  It was great!!  He was honestly surprised and looked like he was going to pass out.  Tonight's result show was the best result shows ever - loved it!

My other favorite idol is a country & western singer - imagine that...Scotty McCreery.  I really like him but...he reminds me of Alfred E. Newman.  Which makes it next to impossible to watch & not laugh...bless his heart!!!  Do you see it??

alfred Scott Cooke McCreery

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