Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweetest Moment

Christina took a long nap this morning and woke up very hungry.  Since Randy and John were napping in the den I took her to my bedroom to feed her and catch-up on some previously recorded television.  After she finished eating & burping she was not a happy girl - I tried everything I knew but she was not "settling down".  About that time John came bopping in the room to find out what was going on.  He wanted to climb in the chair with us but I knew that would be difficult for all three of us to sit there while Christina was having a "moment".  I didn't refuse...I don't want him to ever feel left out or not wanted...I figured I could make it work some how?!?!?!  John took the left side and crying Christina was on the right.  Once John got the blanket over his legs & got comfortable he said "give her here"....which is the exact thing Randy says when I can't calm her down.  I said "what??"...and again sounding just like his Daddy he said "give her here!"  I thought to myself fine Mr.. 3 year old little think you can calm her down???  Knock yourself out!!!

I put Christina on his little chest and he immediately wrapped his arms around her, starting patting her bottom and kissing her forehead.  I melted....seriously...the emotions, the moment, the tenderness in this 3 year old boy!!  Christina immediately stopped crying, and hearing John say "it's okay's okay"....warmed my heart like never before. 

Who was this little man in my lap taking care of my baby girl??  I didn't tell him how to hold her...or pat her...or kiss her...or say these things??  I didn't "coach" him or ask him to do this...he just did this.

At that moment I prayed and asked Jesus for it to always be this way...please let John always love and take care of his baby sister.  And let Christina know that John is there to hold her and comfort her as big brothers do. 

This is one of the sweetest moments of my life!! 

About 10-15 minutes later I yelled for Randy to come quick and bring a camera.  (He was in the middle of a great nap) As he was walking down the hall he said "this better be good"...and it was.

Wish you could have been here.babiesbabies2john&chris IMG_7827


De said...

Awww! Thanks for sharing, that is too sweet!!

Janine Deckard said...

Ahhh... I'm crying. That is so special! What a great man you are raising. I told Avi that I married my best friend and my soul mate, but I gave birth to the man of my dreams. Zee is exactly the man I dreamed about as a young woman. A man that would truly understand having a cleft palate, would be kind and generous and funny. He is all that and more! Is John the man of your dreams?

Laura Fiskin said...

Thanks (sniff sniff) a lot! I am crying now. Having two boys is wonderful but having one of each must be wonderful in a completely different way. He learns to care for his baby sister by watching Mom and Dad so you must be doing a wonderful job. I am so glad you got pictures.

Linda said...

That is so precious. I'm so glad that John loves his baby sister and that she responds to him. I hope that their relationship is always that loving and kind. Thanks for sharing. A lovely story and great photos.