Saturday, March 12, 2011

So...that's how it's going to be.....

Christina turned 2 months old yesterday.'s hard to believe she is already two months old.  She weighs 12.5 pounds and she grew 2 inches...23 inches long!!  Her appetite has increased to 4-6 ounces every 2-3 hours.  She is more alert and she has held her head up since she was about 2 weeks old.

She is completely opposite of her brother in everything; John hated baths-she loves them, John was content in his bouncy seat-she wants to be held 24/7, John would eat until he was sick-she knows when to stop. 

One trait they seem to share is their demeanor.  They are serious babies.  You would never guess John was serious baby...he is so silly now but when he was young he was very serious....and Christina is just like him.  Christina acts like she has to solve all of the world's problem - now.  She rarely smiles, hardly makes eye contact, and looks at you like you are stupid when you make baby sounds.  At her 2 month check-up with Dr. Young yesterday I mentioned this to him....worried something might be wrong.  As Dr. young rolled Christina on her back and looked at her eyes....she immediately made eye fact she would not take her eyes off of him!!  She even raised her eyebrows when he raised his - he brought this to our attention & said that is a really good thing especially at her age...he was impressed.  As if the eye contact thing was not enough....she smiled the biggest smile for him and coo'ed!!!  So that's how she's going to be?!?!


Of course Dr. Young looked at us like we were crazy....we obviously have a very happy baby.  She is completely healthy and happy.  Praise the Lord.pb3Here's a recent picture of John dancing on a railroad track.  I sooo love this little boy!  He makes me laugh's hard to remember him as a serious baby!johndance

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