Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Unexpected GREAT Day

Don't you love it when you have an unexpected great day?!?!  Today...Wednesday February 23rd was a great day.  It seems like it has been so long since I have had a GREAT day...I just had to blog about it.

Last night at the last minute Randy decided we needed to go to Lubbock again this week.  Randy has had some business to take care of there so me & the kids tag along.  I like to get out of town every now and makes the week go faster and breaks up the monotony of everyday life & routine.

As we were driving to Lubbock we saw a train with a caboose outside of Plainview, Texas.  {Most of you are aware of John's love affair with trains.  It's not just Thomas the Train...he loves all sorts of trains...especially the Santa Fe Train.  When we travel we always look for train tracks and trains.} 

Back to the caboose...Randy and I were as excited as John was when we seen the caboose since it's rare to see an actual caboose hooked to a train.  Randy immediately turned the vehicle around so we could get a picture of the caboose.  I figured we would take pictures from the vehicle but Randy & John jumped out before I knew what was going on.  I wasn't too "keen" on the idea of the boys getting very close to the caboose.  The train wasn't very long and there were all sorts of people working on the train....and I am sure they frown on "joe public" getting close to the trains....moving trains at that.  However...Randy insisted and I was able to snap a few quick pictures.  As we were about to leave a railroad worker appeared and I figured we were about to be lectured.  My "I told you so" was about to fly out of my mouth but thankfully the man was very nice and commented on John's Thomas the Train boots & shirt.  He told us to stay and watch the train couple with the tank cars....this was BIG medicine for John.  After the train coupled the railroad worker asked John if he would like to see the inside of the caboose!  What a treat!!  John was very shy and resisted but I insisted!!  I told John this was a once & a lifetime chance we were going to take it.  It was nothing fancy or spectacular but we can say we have been in a Santa Fe Caboose.  John talked about it the rest of the day!trainWhen we got to Lubbock we had lunch with Uncle Rich & Aunt Amy...technically they are not our Aunt & Uncle.   They are related to Christi - Randy' sister.  Christi's husband Kelly and Rich are brothers.  Randy jokes that he traded Christi for Richard.  We are good friends and very close.  They have three beautiful daughters that Randy & I both call nieces - they are great young women of God.  I love how I have "extended" family.  Anyway....we had a great lunch and they got to meet Christina.ak&babybabyAfter lunch Randy took care of business while me & the kids hung out in the car....thank goodness for portable DVD players.

Before we left Lubbock we had to go by KMart.   Yes...KMart.  We don't have a KMart here in Amarillo so we always go to KMart in Lubbock to see if there's anything we can't live without - and usually there is.  I wanted to stop by a clothing store for myself on the way out of town and on the way there we passed a new children's store.  It wasn't any children's was a....cartersCarter's Children Store!  Today was their first day open.  I was so excited.  I love Carter's clothing and Randy was jazzed since he had just complained to me that he had not bought his daughter a dress yet!  Randy bought her the sweetest Easter dress with a matching sweater, bow, and precious little shoes.  He was going crazy in the store....he wanted one of everything.  John loved it too.  There was a Lego table by the cash register and John was playing "hostess".  Anytime a new child came to play John would help them into a chair and push them to the table.  It was really great to see him interact with other children -it warmed my heart!!john2john2We decided to grab some dinner as we were leaving town and Randy suggested Firehouse Subs.   We both have heard good things about them.  So we got a couple of subs to go.thumbnailThen....on the way out of the parking lot...there it was.  One of my most favorite places in the world to eat.  chip I hit the brakes and said "RANDY - LOOK!!"  (It's also one of Randy's favorite places)  We were shocked!!  We could have had Chipotle but now we have to eat a sub!!  Then Randy said..."we can eat the subs tomorrow - let's Chipotle tonight!"   YEA!!!!   I was so excited....and it was so yummy. 

What a great way to end the day!

Since you have read this far I will share this little funny story.  After we got Chipotle we went to Wendy's to get John some chicken nuggets.  The drive through was really long and extra slow.  While waiting...Christina started crying and would not I started rocking the Excursion from side to side....and Randy joined me.  I am not proud to admit that Randy and I are fluffy that we can actually rock an Excursion but we did.  It was the funniest thing!!  We had that SUV a rockin'...and Randy was singing a lullaby at the top of his lungs....and John was helping us rock too!  I can ONLY imagine what the people behind us thought!!  For the record....Christina stopped crying.


Laurie said...

Aww, sounds like it was a great day :)
I'm super excited about the new Carter's too, I just have to get Pete as excited as I am, lol.

Linda said...

I'm so glad you had a blessed and happy day.