Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laughing While I Learn

Oreo has a new product.  It's "ultimate" icing for cookies, cakes, and cupcakes.  It's taasteeee (as John would say) but it's really thick and doesn't taste that good on chocolate cake.IMG_7678I know to be prepared for a mess when John is quite for longer than 3 minutes....and not in sight.   The other day as I was chatting on the phone with Laura it dawned on me that I had not heard from John.  I went looking for him...and I FOUND him....with the bag of ultimate icing.  John was enjoying this bag of icing like a popsicle on the 4th of July.IMG_7674IMG_7676I wanted to be mad but Laura quickly brought it my attention that I myself would suck down that bag of icing if no one was looking or would find out....and she is right because it's really tasty straight from the bag!

You would think I would have learned my lesson but with a newborn I get distracted easy.  Randy and I were on the couch playing with the baby when John started yelling for Daddy.  Daddy went to John's room to see what was going on and immediately hollered at me to come see what our fine young son was up too.  I knew it had to be bad....Randy doesn't peel me off the couch unless it's serious.john3There she is....John's baby covered in Triple Paste (butt paste) three to four inches deep all over her body and face.john1john2John told me that she was "all better now".  I am just thankful it was his doll and not his baby sister.  It was one of those moments I wanted to scold him but it was too funny and he thought he was doing a good thing.  What do you do?!?!?!

A few months ago John climbed on top of my kitchen cabinet to retrieve some bubblegum....and he fell!  I am not exactly sure where he fell from since I was in the shower at the time.  When he came into the bathroom he was crying but he had the biggest bunch of gum in his mouth!  He couldn't even talk because he crammed almost every gumball in his mouth.  He was crying and chewing and slobbering at the same time as his cheeks poked out like a chipmunk....he had so much gum in his mouth he couldn't even talk!  I panicked and jumped out of the shower to check him out and survey the damage in the kitchen.  I wanted to spank him...what was he thinking???  He could have been seriously hurt!!!  How did he remember the gum was there?  After I calmed down I couldn't spank him but I did give him a stern lecture about the danger of climbing on things and then I threw the rest of the gum away.  I thought he was pretty smart to chew what gum he could chew before he informed me of the situation...he knew the gum would be going away once he told me what happened.  For the record....I no longer take showers unless Randy is home - lesson learned!

I love this song playing right now - I cry almost every time I hear it.  And I know that someday...I am gonna miss this.


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Linda said...

Yes you are so right you and me too, will both miss those precious moments as John grows up. Thank goodness for photos and videos.