Friday, January 7, 2011

Only 4 Days Left....

I have told or blogged the following story many times but it's one of my favorites and I think it needs least one more time.

On January 4, 2007 when I found out that I was pregnant Randy and I were both in total disbelief.  As most of you know I always wanted to be a Mommy but Randy never had a great desire to be a Father. 

Randy was the type of person that believed children should be  seen not heard.  Any family function whether it be my family or his family if children were involved Randy generally wasn't involved.  That's just who Randy was.  

As my pregnancy with John continued throughout 2007 Randy was very supportive.  He never missed any of my doctor appointments or sonograms and he even joined me when I interviewed several pediatricians.  I will never forget as we were interviewing pediatricians he told me that I had to decided which doctor to use because he would NEVER go....that was going to be my job.  He also requested a list of ten people that would be available to babysit on short notice and we would have to have at least one weekend a month that the baby stayed with someone other than us.  He also stated the child would never sleep with us and WE would not "coddle" the child....and just forget changing diapers!  

In all honesty I was freaked out but the one person who told me to just wait and see was my Mother.  She reassured me that Randy would turn into this huge pile of mush when he seen his baby boy.

Well....dear old Mom was right. 

Randy was very attentive & caring when we came home from the hospital but you could tell he was completely out of his element.  I...being in Mommy-Mode just jumped in and started being Mommy.  A few days after we were home John needed to be fed and Randy so sincerely looked at me and said "can I feed him?"  I was very shocked...happy shocked and said "well of course you can"!IMG_0112IMG_0113On that day my big, strong, burly husband became a huge pile of mush!  A few days later he told me as we were going to bed that this "whole baby thing is the coolest thing ever....why did we wait so long and when can we have another?"   For the record....Randy has NEVER missed one pediatrician visit,  he has never left John with anyone for a night...much less a weekend, he has changed more diapers than I have, and he is the #1 coddler. I will never forget Randy telling me one day with tears in his eyes..."I knew I would love my son....I just didn't know I would be in love with him."

In 2008 I didn't even think or even consider having a baby but Randy would always ask for just one more.  We tried again and got pregnant in January 2009 - sadly I had a miscarriage in March.  Then we got pregnant in November 2009 and lost that baby by December.  We didn't give up....we both knew that God had a plan.  The miscarriages were tough emotionally and physically but we trusted God knew better.

In January 2010 I started tracking my ovulation schedule and taking ovulation tests with no luck.  By March I was very frustrated and decided to lay it before the Lord.  I told Him that He knew the desires of mine and Randy's heart that I was going to release control.  And I did just that.

On May 2nd at 3am the Lord woke me up said "it was time".  I sat straight up in bed and said "it's time" and once again I heard "it's time".  I knew immediately what "it's time" was all about.  I ran to the bathroom where I had ONE ovulation test left.  I took the test and it came back positive....which I had never seen before!  I ran to my computer and started checking dates back to March and I was ovulating!!  I woke Randy up at 3:30am and said "it's time"!

This story brings us to today....only 4 days left.  We have been on this journey for 249 days.   A few weeks ago I was sad that my pregnancy was about to end - I love to feel her kick and I know she is safe & sound where she is right now.  But today I am ready and so excited to meet her.  I can't believe I am going to be a Momma again. 

Thank you for taking this journey with me...a new chapter is about to begin.

Praise be to Jesus my Lord and Savior.

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