Saturday, November 6, 2010


I have always heard that children are very resilient...with great honesty I can now verify that this is a true fact.  I would have thought that eight stitches and the trauma of yesterday would have slowed my boy down but it has seem to have little effect on him.

Randy and I have had several serious talks with him all day to be extra careful until his nose gets better but he thinks he has a free pass to be a wild little dingo.  He has climbed, he has bounced, he has jumped on couches, beds, & chairs, he has stood on his head about a million times today...and I have cringed every time. 

I will say that I am glad he is feeling good...I would rather have him this way than hurting.  I have to clean his nose three times a day with peroxide, the scratches with Neosporin, and then swab the inside of his nose with Polysporin.  He screamed last night when I tried to clean it...I was dreading trying to do this for the next week but my friend Dollie suggested I let him try to do it himself.  This afternoon I sat him on the bathroom counter and told him that he could "doctor" me and I would "doctor" him.  It worked perfect!!  He loved our new little game....even swabbing the nose has turned into a laugh fest!  Praise God!

We did mange to get a sweet nap this afternoon and Daddy snapped some pictures of us snoozing.  My precious baby was holding on tight to his Momma as I was holding tight to him.  I am so thankful the injury is not worse.  This too shall pass.IMG_6994 IMG_6989

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Rachel said...

Oh Tina, I'm so sorry! And glad to see that everyone is ok. How sweet to see you peacefully sleeping together. Blessings, Rachel