Friday, November 5, 2010


Just when I think I can't handle anything else....something else seems to be added to my plate.  A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of  "19 Kids and Counting" and one of the little girl had to have stitches.  I silently thought to myself..."oh God I hope I don't have to go through that...I don't think I could handle it".   Then I thought "dream on...I've had stitches, Randy has had a ton of stitches and it seems like part of growing up I guess."

Little did I know that day would be today.

I am not sure how it happened...Randy was in the garage, John was in the laundry room, and I was walking to the laundry room.  All of a sudden John let out a loud scream.  The next thing I saw was Randy rushing John to the kitchen bar and blood was everywhere!!!  John was crying really loud, Randy grabbed a towel to apply pressure, I did a quick look at his nose and out the door to the ER we went.cut1On the way to the ER Randy decided to call John's pediatrician to see if we should go there or the ER.  Thankfully one of the doctor's in the group was still on duty.  They rushed us to a room already set up and waiting on us.

The next 45 minutes was probably some of the worst 45 minutes of my life.  John ended up getting 8 stitches.  The doctor was very impressed with how John handled the situation...but it was intense. The doctor and staff were really great.cut2cut4cut5I am not sure how it happened...I have tried to get a straight answer from John but he is 3 and the stories have been changing from moment to moment.IMG_6981IMG_6983IMG_6980


Mookie 59 said...

"The doggie bite got me!!'' Probably is one of his changing stories...This too shall pass..So be at peace..God is with you all..Love, Kevin &

Janine Deckard said...

omigoodness. There needs to be a rule about posting pictures on facebook without explanation. I didn't want to call or text because I figured you were in the middle of chaos in the ER. I hope he's OK emotionally. I know Zee was pretty wiped out when he had the same thing happen to his eye. Please kiss his forehead for me and tell him I'm praying for quick recovery. Another thing... the doctor may have already told you this, but pure bacitracin is the best thing to keep scar tissue at minimum. Neosporin has bacitracin, but we've always trusted it. Hold on Momma. Peace is just around the corner!