Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seekers Academy

As most of you know Randy and I have made the decision to home school our children.  Before we even had children we had discussed and agreed to home school for many reasons. 

Home schooling is not an easy option.  There are literally hundreds of curriculums to choose from, you have to be super organized, and you have to dedicated time each day.  Since I am blessed to be able to stay at home....why not take advantage of this opportunity?  I have many friends that would like to home school but they must work outside the home - so I do realize this is a blessing & I see it as a gift from God.

Amarillo has a great home school support group.  There are constant activities, meetings, and fun stuff to do.  I started researching curriculums, co-op groups, and different styles of home schooling at least six months ago. 

I heard about a group that meets once a week called Seekers Academy.  I contacted the director for more information and immediately loved the concept.  We meet once a week at a local church for several hours - each week a different Mother teaches the class.  We have had two meet & greets at local parks but today we actually went to class.  I have been really wanting to blog about Seekers because I am sooooo super excited about John getting the opportunity to be around other children and I get to be with like-minded Mothers.  It appears that most of the Mothers are around my age which is refreshing - I don't feel so old!  In fact one Mother that I will be teaching with is my age and she is 18 weeks pregnant - she is due two weeks after I am.  There is another Mother, Rachel who is wonderfully nice and has five awesome kidlets...I can't wait to know her better - she seems drenched in wisdom of the Lord.

The first thirty minutes were devoted to prayer and announcements.  Then we broke into our classes.  John's class curriculum is called Little Hands to Heaven - you can click on the name for more information.  The first hour we work on our curriculum - the letter A , next we have nap time or project time, and then outside play time.  There are around 15 children in John's class.  John played & interacted great with the other children.  We had one minor incident of John throwing some wood chips but apologies were handed out and everybody was happy.

As we were leaving today John told me he didn't want to leave but I told him we would be back next week - which he replied "GREAT"!

In the next few months we are going to visit a working farm, tour a dairy, go to  the zoo, visit a pumpkin patch, and attend the Amarillo Symphony for a special concert for his age group.



Laurie said...

Sounds just like the group Sophie & I just joined. We've only been to one class day but she had a really good time. We go again tomorrow and she's really looking forward to it.

I'm so happy for you guys that you are able to homeschool, it's such a blessing.

Janine Deckard said...

This is so awesome. I'm so happy for you. It takes a very special person to homeschool their child. I went to private school from kindergarten to 5th grade and then homeschooled from 5th to graduation. I might be able to do it when I'm older and when the children are a bit older, but for now I have peace that we're all where we should be. I day dream about it sometimes when I'm feeling better, because they are both so smart. Just don't ever take it too seriously and remember to take it one day at a time. It helps so much to have a group you can work with. John has a great future ahead of him. Can't wait to see what his future will be.