Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pop-A-Top Again

Randy fj-black_seltzer_starterloves seltzer/carbonated water - it is his most favorite drink.  He loves it so much that many years ago I bought him his own machine from Soda Club - so he could zip up his own "bubble water".  We have to replace the C02 bottles frequently but it is much cheaper than buying pre-made seltzer water and this makes Randy very happy. 

I am not a fan of seltzer burns my throat too much and I constantly belch after a small sip. his Daddy loves bubble water and has his very own bottle - which matches Daddy's bubble water bottle. 

A few weeks ago our little refrigerator went on the fritz and we had to defrost it...all the drinks froze up.  I was cleaning out the little frig which we keep only a few Dr.Peppers, wthumbnailCA5OL3NWater,  juice boxes, milk and three glass bottles of some sort of seltzer water that have been in this refrigerator for 4 years. 

{This sort of thing usually makes me crazy since I have a strict 6 month rule - use it lose it rule but when it comes to drinks my OCD eases up.  I have some real Dr. Peppers and a glass bottle of Voss Water in the big frig that are only enjoyed on special occasions and everybody knows those are my drinks and I cherish them.}

Anyway....these seltzer waters were really cold and I figured Randy didn't want them.  So I went ahead and popped the lid off one - it was the best seltzer water I had ever had in my life!  I was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor loving this water when Big Daddy came home from work.  The look on his face was priceless...he said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"  I said..."loving this water!!" And he said..."you are drinking one of my Boylan Seltzer Waters!!!"  I was like..."yea they have been in there for a few years"...and Randy said "they have been in there four years and 3 months!"  Then I thought...."uh-oh".  He had bought them on our Colorado trip in 2006 and they are his most favorite...special drink!  "Uh-Oh".  He can't find them anywhere around here and they are very expensive online.  "Uh-Oh".  He wasn't mad and he was actually glad I found a Seltzer water I liked - he was just surprised.

Today while shopping in Albertson's I found a new Ginger Ale I had never seen in a cool green glass bottlthumbnailCADDYM3Xe.  With further inspection I realized it was a Boylan product.  Randy and I were really excited thinking they might have the Boylan water - but they didn't.  This Ginger Ale was the last 4-pack so we bought it - I love Ginger Ale!!  When we got home I immediately chilled a bottle to try and WOW - it was the best Ginger Ale I have ever had!  Not to sweet...almost dry.  Excellent! 

I am going to call Albertson's in the morning to see if they can order the water too.  And tell them that I bought the last 4-pack and apparently I am not the only one who enjoys it!  I won't be able to have it every week but it will be my special drink!  If you like Ginger Ale or seltzer water I recommend you try it!

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Laurie said...

I think Cracker Barrel has Boylan drinks. Maybe they have the ginger ale or seltzer water.