Sunday, August 22, 2010


IMG_0042 time for me to hold himIMG_0113 time for Daddy to feed himIMG_0120West Virginia gameIMG_0492Halloweenjohn & SantaChristmasIMG_0281St. Patty's DayIMG_1317     time swimmingIMG_1338time in a high chairIMG_0601bath in kitchen sinkIMG_1089corn on the cob   185a time outIMG_1427stealing a drink of Coke IMG_1376 popsicleIMG_1929 4th of JulyIMG_3036BirthdayIMG_2140OreoIMG_2084bstepsIMG_2338atrain rideIMG_2621achicken poxes and hopefully lastSSPX0045haircutIMG_3001a stay in the hospitalcctime to the circus     IMG_3504 big snowSCAN0049seeing Thomas in personIMG_3668  playing at a park  16c6a258d0cdcc44playing in the rainDSCN0550 having a snow coneIMG_4290time chewing gumIMG_5570time playing his very own Ipod 2 time acting a goof in Dillard'sice cream fun ice cream of the summerIMG_6206time playing on new swing setIMG_6371  time babysittingcutieattempt at dressing himself.IMG_6424 time doing fireworksIMG_6497 time making cupcakesdetail 2time to be a big brother

And the firsts continue everyday.  One of my most favorite things about being apart of his life....everything seems like the first for me too!


Linda said...

Awe . . . .That was so sweet. Almost made me cry. You forgot another first . . . .big brother to Kit.

Laurie said...

Adorable :) I love all the great pictures and firsts.