Monday, May 24, 2010


I love Facebook. 

One of my friends on FB is this guy Chris - we were neighborhood pals.  He was a year younger than me and lived next door.  I have fun memories of jumping on the trampoline, swimming in his pool, riding bikes, digging music together, getting his younger brother to say "britches" cause he would always leave the "r" out, and painting our club house silver.  We were pretty good friends.

In 1985 this song playing was a hit for Nick Lowe - "I Knew the Bride when She Use to Rock and Roll"  - I was 13 and Chris was 12.  Chris told me then that he would play this song at my wedding.  I never forgot that.

After we graduated high school we went our separate ways.  He actually moved to England,  married a lovely woman and has two beautiful daughters.

We lost touch and would only hear about each other through our families. could only imagine my surprise and delight when I got a package from England from Chris a few weeks before my wedding.  It was a Nick Lowe CD with this song!  I cried.  It was one of my most FAVORITE wedding gifts!

Facebook has reconnected us.  It is interesting and fun to see Chris as a family man doing family things.  Today he posted this picture on his page.block kidsThis is the neighborhood gang.  Chris is on the far left side with the dark brown shirt and I appear to be wearing white overalls?!?!?  I have never seen this photo - it has been one of my "highlights" today.  I totally forgot about the boy standing in front of me with the tube socks - TJ.  He was not really our friend - he was mean to us...wait...maybe we were mean to him...either way I have no fond memories of him!!   Chris and I have no clue who the boy is in the brown slacks...which I find hysterical!!

Good memories.  Thanks Chris!!!


Linda said...

I'm glad you posted the photo. I tried to look on Facebook but couldn't find it. Love walking down memory lane, at least for pleasant memories.

Chris Funderburg (Bocan) said...

Big hugs for my oldest friend. :-)