Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sun Where Art Thou???

One22114f90faaa2fae thing I know for sure....I am a SUNSHINE girl.  I love the sun streaming in through the windows in the morning.  I love how the sun warms your face.  I love to see the sun go through the clouds.  And I love to watch the sun go down across the Panhandle Plains or come up at the cross in Groom.
I don't think I could live somewhere like Oregon or Wa579d3cf681e59b8eshington where it rains...all...the....time.  It has been dreary, almost cold, and rainy for several days now - and I am ready for it to leave!!  I am good for a few days without Mr. Sun but I am ready for him to show back up!  The only good thing about the rain is May should be beautiful.  If someone has a sun lamp I may need to come and borrow it a few hours.
I will sing my song today again today....
Rain, rain go away come again some other day.


Laurie said...

My favorite song is Mr. Blue Sky by ELO and the lead singer once said it was about seeing the sunshine for the first time in weeks after being in London during rainy season. While I do love rainy days, I don't love it when it lasts for more than about 2 days, I'm ready for the sun!

Linda said...

I too am ready for the sun. Can anyone say Hawaii??? It's probably raining there too.