Friday, April 16, 2010

Small World

My Dad grew up in Kirby, West Virginia - 1160 miles from Texas.

Dad's best friend  since he was about 5 was Jimmy Kenney. 

Jimmy &  his family came to Texas about the same time my Dad & family came in the late 50's.  Jimmy went to Borger and Dad went to Odessa.  Jimmy ended up going back to West Virginia but some of his children stayed and settled around Lubbock, Texas.  At least that is how I think I remember the story.

Small world....

Several years ago I found out that one of my close friends here in Amarillo dated one of Jimmy's grandsons.  How bizarre is that!


Dad had to go to the VA for several appointments on Wednesday and I like to tag along.  It is actually fun to listen to the older men swap stories of the war, the oilfield, and other tales - at one point Dad mentioned that he was originally from  West Virginia .  This old-timer (Jack Lawson) from Borger told Dad that he worked for an "old boy" that came from West Virginia  - his name was "Jim Kenney".  NO WAY!!  This really tickled me & Dad.  When we got home Dad had to call Jimmy and they both got a good laugh.

Funny huh???

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Linda said...

I know, it is a small world after all. It is amazing when those things happen.