Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Moment


This picture  cRaCks me up ya'll! 

Does he think he is Picasso or Michelangelo??  Look at how he is holding the paint brush. He was painting my room...probably around 1983 give or take a few years.  He never wore a shirt - especially in the summer.

TRUE STORY - our neighbor Brittney was 3 or 4 and started pre-school.  One day she told the teacher that "Poppa Al runs around buck naked!"  When Brittney's Mom (Karen)  picked her up that day there was a BIG teacher/parent conference about this fellow named Poppa Al & him running around buck naked.  Karen just laughed and said - "he doesn't run around buck naked...he just doesn't wear a shirt when he is working in the yard".  It was so funny and for years we would razz Dad and say...Poppa Al runs around buck naked.

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Darla said...

Well, I've just had my first laugh of the day. One just never knows what might come out of the mouth of a child. I bet that teacher did do a double take at that comment. Funny story!