Friday, March 5, 2010

The Grand Canyon

Be prepared...I am posting a TON of pictures!

I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and I was so excited that we decided to take the time and visit the South Rim of the Canyon.

Early Thursday morning we drove about 90 miles north of Flagstaff on Highway 180.  I was once again expecting desert...flat land...dry type of scenery - I was surprised.  It was mountains & trees & snow!  It was beautiful.  Oh my....IMG_6035IMG_6037IMG_6041IMG_6091 Once we got to the Canyon we thought we could drive right to the rim...get out of the car...snap a picture and get back in the car.  Hello!!!  That is how Clark did it in National Lampoons Vacation.

That's not how it least not at the South Rim.  Once you park the car it is at least about a mile walk to the rim...which is not that bad...but it was about 30 degrees and the wind was blowing about 30-35mph making it EXCEPTIONALLY cold.  Randy was not a happy camper!  He said he was not sure if he was going to have a heart attack from walking uphill or freeze to death.   Now...when Randy says it's is really cold!   Once we did make it to the was majestic.  That is the only word to describe how breath taking it is.  Christin told me she thought it looked like a painting and she was right.IMG_6044IMG_6047IMG_6048IMG_6065IMG_6066IMG_6068Notice the people above on the edge...the next set of photos are from that area.   I will have to say it was very scary looking over the edge.  I don't know if you can tell but the only thing stopping you from certain death was...ten dollars worth of chicken wire that was only two foot high - seriously!  John was so excited to try and climb the fence that was his size that I almost passed out!    When I went to the above edge I made Randy and John stay at the bottom.  It was amazing and I want to go back someday when John is much older!


John did love getting out of the car and he loves to run in the wind.  You can see how cold it was...his little cheeks are bright red.  IMG_6061IMG_6088

I love this picture!!IMG_6054

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