Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gallup to Winslow to Flagstaff

Good Evening Friends! 

Here I sit in a bathroom in Flagstaff, Arizona watching John take a bath thinking of you.  Today has been a great day.  I have determined I should have been a long haul truck driver.   I really love driving long distances – always have and I guess I always will. 

After a wonderful breakfast at LePeep’s Randy decided to let me drive since he did not sleep so well the night before.  As soon as we got up to speed on I-40 Randy and John were both passed out…sound asleep.  I plugged in my MP3 player to some of my most favorite songs and down the road I went – in my zone!  I did manage to grab the camera a take some photos while driving.  I would NOT recommend this but HEY…I want to share with you some of the beautiful scenery.

About 10-15 miles out of Albuquerque I topped a hill and it was amazing!  It was wide open spaces!!  In the distance I saw these clump of mountains – it was really pretty.Flagstaff 001

I wanted to share this view with someone in my car but this was the view inside the vehicle.Flagstaff 002Flagstaff 003 Flagstaff 004Once we got to Gallup about two hours from Albuquerque Randy woke up long enough to visit a customer.  This store is owned by two sisters…we met one sister today and we will meet the other sister in Las Vegas this week.  Great visit!!Flagstaff 009I have been pretty stoked about going to Winslow, Arizona.  Since one of my all time favorite songs Take it Easy mentions Winslow…in fact this is the song that launched The Eagles.  Winslow is very small and just about dried up.  It looked like most of the town was at the Elks Lodge for some sort of gathering.  Here I am standing on a corner in Winslow. Arizona.Flagstaff 014Flagstaff was  less than an hour away and what a difference in the weather!  It was 60 and windy in Winslow and 38 with light snow in Flagstaff.  What we have seen of Flagstaff is really pretty.  It reminds me of Ruidoso/Cloudcroft – there is nothing for miles and then BAM – there’s mountains and tress and snow!   This is Flagstaff a few miles out.Flagstaff 023Flagstaff 022

Once we got checked into the hotel…unloaded the car…I surprised Randy and ordered pizza to be delivered.  I could not imagine going to a restaurant in a ski resort town on a Saturday night at 7pm.  Plus John needed to run around and be free instead of being forced to more rules and manners.  Once the pizza arrived Randy looked at me and said…”I love you so much”.  Yea – points for me!!

I am so tired and ready for bed.  Tomorrow should be eventful.  It is only 250 miles to Las Vegas but we have been told it will take about 6 hours due to construction and the Hoover Dam.  I am not looking forward to driving in Vegas…actually I will probably be in the backseat with John watching a video.  The traffic in Vegas is CrAzY!  Be praying for us!   I will be back in Vegas!

John says goodnight!

Flagstaff 031

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Darla said...

Ilove this post. I laughed and shared it with Lance. Before we knew it we were both singing Take It Easy. I told him that I would also have had my picture taken on a corner in Winslow if I had been there. He then reminded me of the time we were driving through Austria with the kids. We saw a place that looked like the movie The Sound of Music. He stopped the car, we all got out and ran through the field singing The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music. I don't remember is we took any pictures or not.
Have fun! If you have time you should see the show of the ventraliquist who has a hundred million dollar contract. He is great. I am even considering going to Vegas someday just to see his show. I have never wanted to go, but he is that good.