Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valley Forge

I am reading about Valley Forge in one of my daily devotionals and thought I would share this with you.  I know that I learned about this in school but I guess I didn't pay attention.  It is unbelievable what the people suffered to make our country a free country.  Simply amazing!valley%20forgeGeorge Washington's army was suffering by the time they made camp at a place called Valley Forge in the middle of a very cold winter.  The army was dressed in rags, most of the men did not have shoes, there was no food except for water & flour, and disease was sweeping through the camp.

Quoting directly from the book:                                                                   But the patriot spirit never broke.  Somehow, they managed to march, drill, and trained themselves to fight.  "If we can just live through this winter", they told themselves, "we can win our freedom."  When they arrived at Valley Forge there were 12,000 but only 8,000 remained after the bitter winter.

Story goes that a Quaker farmer Isaac Potts, who lived near Valley Forge was walking through the woods when he came upon George Washington.  He saw Washington bowed on one knee, weeping, and asking God to look after his men.dnews The Prayer at Valley Forge painting Utah County Commission officeMr. Potts went home that evening and told his wife what he had seen.  Then he said "All will be well, Martha.  If there is anyone the Lord will listen to, it is this brave man.  I have seen the General Washington on his knees.  Our independence is certain."

So cool...  I might have to have that picture in my home someday.

(BTW - we ate on Fiestaware last night and no one complained.  Although...Randy is really sick with some sort of belly-bug this morning.  It is probably my plates - huh?)

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