Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Change in the Weather...

Amarillo, Texas has the strangest weather.  I thought the weather was weird when I lived in Odessa...but this place has it beat!!

We started the day at 7:30am at 16 degrees.  It did warm up to 22 degrees by 9:00am...then it started to ice with freezing fog followed by some light snow.

At noon the sun was shining - no rain...no ice, and it was a pleasant 45 degrees.

"Don't like the weather...wait a few minutes it will change."

At 1:30pm the temperature was 50 degrees but...the wind started to blow - blow is an actual understatement.  The wind was howling between 60-70 mph.  The dust in air made visibility less than 1 mile - it was insane!  Everyone's Christmas decorations were wrecked, stop signs were knocked over, and trees were up rooted.

Now at 7:00pm the wind has subsided to 16mph...but the temperature outside is 18 degrees...the wind chill is 15 degrees...so it feels like it is about 3 degrees outside right now.

I believe we had all four seasons - today!!

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