Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009

I am thankful for my friend Laura.


Laura had a significant birthday last Sunday – when I should have posted this blog but she would have expected that…so I am surprising her today.  (To make a long story short I was planning a surprise b-day party for her…she found out…and made me promise I would not surprise her.  So…here’s her surprise!)

ManDSCN0488y years ago Laura’s husband Steve and my husband Randy  worked together.  One day out of the blue Laura called me and said we should hang out sometime - after that phone call we became best buds.  The sad part to this friendship is…she lives  847 miles away.  We talk on the phone several times a week, e-mail each other, and keep in touch through blogs.  Here is a link to her blog – she has great pictures & mesmerizing tales!

Laura is one of my smart friends - she is a scientist. (Can you hear me telling you this is a “child like” tone?)  I am impressed that I have a friend….that is a scientist!  She knows everything about the human body and how it works. 

Laura is so funny.  And she says the funniest stuff.  For example…one day when I was about eight months pregnant and on bed rest I called Laura crying.  Actually I was sobbing and I said “what if  I mess up being a Mommy….what if I screw up….what if I do things wrong”…booo-hooo….boooo-hoooo”.  Expecting to hear a calm voice on the other end say something like…”oh…it’s okay honey your going to be a perfect Mom and not screw anything up….stop worrying….it’s going to be okay.”  INSTEAD…Laura said  in a dry tone “oh….don’t worry….your going to screw up…and your going to mess up…your not perfect but God is”.    I laughed so hard – it was perfect and exactly what I needed to hear.

Laura is great Mother and loves her boys so much.  She is devoted to her boys and her family.  She is the type of Mother that takes her boys to the park at least 2 to 3 times a week, always has little adventures planned for them, and gives to them before she gives to her self.  I love it when they visit and we all go running together.  It warms my heart to see my boy play with her boys.  Her sons are very loving to John and John thinks he is as big as they are.  It is fun to see our boys together.IMG_1978DSCN0508 I am excited about this week,  Laura and her family will be here  for Thanksgiving.  I only get to see her a few days out of the year and our time together goes so fast. 

Happy Birthday dear friend.  Thank you for always being there for me…listening, advising, encouraging, inspiring, caring, loving me, and sending me the best cards!  Can’t wait to see you!!

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