Friday, October 9, 2009



In honor of college football season I thought I should post a picture of me and my first college football game.  And yes…it was a WVU Mountaineer game.  I was 14 and freezing my toes off in this picture with the Mountaineer!  I went to the game with Larry, my cousin Sandy & her brother Gary – it was a BLAST!!  The game was in El Paso…we played Oklahoma State.  It was suppose to the warm weather!  Needless to say…it snowed!  I didn’t have socks on with my Keds tennis shoes…a WVU fan gave me their socks to keep warm.  It was so cool hanging out with my older cousins…you know how close me and Sandy are…the game was great - the Mountaineers won…and it was so much fun!!  To be young and fourteen!

Totally changing the subjects…John is sick.  This morning he broke out in a fever of 102.5.  I did all the “fever” reducers and the fever did come down but he was still really sick.  No symptoms except high fever, chills, very tired, and no appetite.  We took him into his doctor at 5pm and he was diagnosed with the Flu – Type B.   Dr. Young said that was the best type of flu if you have to have flu.  (Does that make sense??? Who wants the flu????)  The other issue was “rattling” in his lower right lung.  Dr. Young thinks it may be pneumonia.  I have to give him breathing treatments every four hours…which explains why it is 1:30 in the morning and I am blogging instead of sleeping – I don’t want to oversleep and not get him a treatment at 2am!  The doctor also prescribed Tamaflu.  It was totally insane at the doctors office – at least fifteen children showed up after I got there at 5pm!  The nurses said it has been awful – some of the worst sickness they have seen in a while!  It took Walgreens 4 hours to get the prescription filled and Randy had to wait in the line 45 minutes!  (This Walgreens is the only drug store within 2.5 hours that has the flu medicine!)  John was very chipper this evening and ate a good dinner but by bedtime the fever was back along with a cough.  We go back in the morning for Dr. Young to listen to his lungs and for x-rays.  Please pray he doesn’t have pneumonia and he gets well fast!

Last but not least.  I had an awful week for Weight Watcher.  I had a good stretch for 11 weeks…I gained 4.4 pounds this week…GAINED!  Even though I walk 4 miles EVERYDAY…I wasn’t writing down what I ate and I haven’t cooked all week!  It is so frustrating…but today is a new day!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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