Thursday, September 17, 2009

Randomness…and Confessions

* John has never had any type of separation anxiety. He now has it so bad he does not want to stay at MaMa’s house for very long.

* I am nervous about weighing in tomorrow. The past few weeks have not been the best…I have not been giving it my all. But…I have cooked healthy & delicious meals all week. Its not about the weight but I would like to see –2 pounds.

* I hope my brothers and my Odessa Peeps read this blog post and enjoy the music in the background. I get all warm...and fuzzy inside when I hear it. I can't help but smile and think of great times!

* Thank you for praying for my friend Janet. I have seen her two days in a row and she is responding – somewhat. We still don’t know the results of the biopsy are….grrrr. I did make her smile today – which was my high point of the day.

* John has stopped calling me Mommy - he calls me” Ti…na”.

*I am disappointed Ellen will be on A.I.

* When I went to the grocery store this afternoon they had just put out hot loaves of french bread. I thought that would go great with our dinner. On the way home I tore a piece and devoured it. I immediately went down an alley and threw the entire loaf away in the first open dumpster. (I know…there are starving children all over the world – and what a waste of $1.75!) But the temptation was too great ya’ll. All I could think about was getting it home and buttering it up! Ugh!!!

* My sister & brother are on a cruise right now. It looks like so much fun. She is blogging with great pictures! Check out LeeLee’s blog! It’s like we’re there without packing!

* So I had enough points to enjoy a piece of bread but I have worked too hard to blow it.

* The last episode of Jon & Kate made me cry. Divorce sucks.

*I have an awesome seat on my bike for John. We love to ride! We ride almost daily…anytime the door to the garage opens he immediately runs to the bike! It cracks me up though…when we are done riding he walks around panting…like he’s tired!!

* I love my DVR. It is the coolest invention.

* Going to Odessa next week…I am really excited. My high school is having a centennial celebration. My Mom & John are going with me and my brother Allen & Gloria are going to met us there. I am most excited about touring the school with my brother…to see how different the school was when he was there (class of 75) and when I was there (class of 90). Plus I am excited to see Debbie, Dollie, & DeeDee…my triple D’s!

* Football season rocks.

* My niece had a baby boy this week. 6lb 11 oz – he is soo cute! Maybe we should have just one more.

*Spoiler Alert* I am glad the chicken farmer won.

* John walked out of a room he is not suppose to be in today…I asked him “what are you doing?” He looked at me so sweetly and said “nothing”.

* God answered an amazing prayer this weekend. I will go into great detail later. But all I can say is Our God is an AWESOME God!

* I have to go to a party this weekend & I am not to “kicked” up about it. It is sort of a fancy party…and I have to take John which makes me nervous. Plus…there’s a buffet…I will drink plenty of water and will probably eat something before I go…that I don’t blow my points.

* I got all of my Halloween decorations down. I am excited about decorating…not excited about how many times I will have to tell John “no”.

* Speaking of “no”…I wonder why I think that saying “” 50 times really fast will make John stop whatever he is not suppose to be doing. Melissa – count me down from 30 this time – and make it fast!

*Is it Friday yet??

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