Friday, July 3, 2009

My Son...Chews Gum.

Last Tuesday as I was trying to entertain John while waiting for my doctor's appointment I decided to introduce him to chewing gum.
I gave him a very small bite. To my amazement...he simply chewed it without swallowing it. I was shocked! He was chewing he had done it a million times before! I kept asking him to show me his gum and he would open his mouth so that I could see the gum...I was very concerned that he would swallow/or get choked on it...then there would be a "big" scene in the waiting room...I don't know what I was thinking. I was trying to keep him happy & quite...and still.
About thirty minutes later he handed it back to me.

We have had gum several times since then including tonight - notice the orange piece in the bottom of his mouth. Sometimes he will hand me to "used" piece when he is done...and sometimes he accidentally drops it out of his mouth - but no swallowing!

I know...such a simply...silly little thing...but I am so proud!

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Linda said...

It's the little milestones we remember the most.