Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Garage Sale…

I like garage sales... I don’t like having garage sales but I love going to garage sales.  I love to see little glimpses into people’s life…and wonder…are they tired of having clutter?…or do they need cash….or maybe they just enjoy all these strangers rummaging through their stuff .

Even though I love garage sales I try not to go for two reasons.  #1.  I have enough stuff that I need to sale – why should I pay someone else for their clutter treasures…to add to my clutter treasures that are growing fast than any wild plant at Willie Nelson’s house.  #2.  I don’t know anyone that is willing to get up at the crack of dawn to go treasure hunting with me…which is a good thing.

With that being said my neighbor had a garage sale this weekend…and I couldn’t resist.  She has one every year and I usually find something that I can’t live without.  For example…last year she was selling her Grandfather’s Bible!!  Her Grandfather was a preacher and she said it was just collecting dust!!  This Bible has all sorts of notes, highlights, underlinings, side bars…it is the coolest thing!!  I asked her several times if she was sure she didn’t want it and she said she was…in fact she wouldn’t take any money for it!   Every time I see her I tell her that I have her Bible in safe keepings if she ever wants it back…and she says no…it has a good home now.

I did find three treasures on Friday I am so proud of. 

First…I love decorating for holidays and I found this cute Fitz & Floyd Halloween Candy dish.  I only paid $2.00 for it – perfect condition!


Second…John is into trains big time…so naturally his little eyes spotted this miniature train that he had to have for $0.25 cents.  When I got home I noticed that underneath the train was a sticker that read “Original Loquai Holzkunst W. Germany”.   It is a cute little train and perfect for John’s little hands. 


Third…I bought a toddler swing for $5.00 – it has never been out of the box.  The swing claims to be perfect for toddlers learning to swing…I’ll be the judge of that!  I think we are going to hang it over at MaMa & PaPa’s house. 


Hopefully this will fix my garage sale urges until next summer…until then I will still drive slow and rubber-neck as I pass one!                                                                                                     

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Linda said...

Awesome! I always try to NOT go to garage sales too as I like you, have way too much stuff! I always find something if I do stop. I love the train. Have you looked it up on the internet, it seems like you got a great deal and I love German toys. Missed you at the Farmer's Market. We spent almost $100 if you can believe that.