Thursday, July 9, 2009


Travel back in time with me to July 2, 1994.
Odessa, Texas...Two girls - age 22
Memory that will last a lifetime....

Everybody was talking about the Eagles concert - they were going to be in Texas Stadium on July 3rd...the Midland/Odessa area was buzzing about it. This tour was the first Eagles tour in many...many years. In fact the tour was called "Hell Freezes Over" because Don Henley (drummer & front man) said in the late seventies after the band broke-up that the only way he would get back together would be..."if hell freezes over".

Christin & I wanted to go but we didn't plan to go. The night before the concert we were out and met up with some friends that were going to the lake the next day and invited us to go with them. So...Saturday July 3rd Chris & I got dressed to go to the lake. We both had swimsuit, shorts, & t-shirts on...I didn't even have my purse - only my drivers licenses and twenty bucks...Christin did have her purse...and her paycheck. As we were driving to the lake I asked her if she "really wanted to go to the lake"...and she said "nope...not really." She then asked the question that will forever be one of my favorite memories in life...she asked "well...what do you want to do?"...and I said..."I want to go to Dallas and see the Eagles"...and she said..."me too". (I remember that as if it happened yesterday! We were so young...and innocent...sort of.)

We grabbed a Dallas newspaper to find some tickets...called a ticket shop and secured two tickets...she cashed her paycheck...and off the Dallas we went! I remember being so excited but nervous...even though I was 22 I lived at home with my parents and I was hesitant to call Mom and tell her that I took off to Dallas...without a purse, or clothes, or money. Chris was in the same boat...she lived with her brother - she was totally scared to call him! When we got to Dallas we picked up our tickets, went to Chili's to eat, and decided to call home to let everyone know where we were at. Chris decided to call first and all I remember her brother saying was something along the lines of "your a** is grass when you get home!" My Mom was mad because she thought we had planned this without her...she loves the Eagles!

The concert was great...simply the best!! We danced, sang out loud to all of the songs, and didn't miss a single thing! It was one of the best nights of my life. After we left the concert we decided to stay the night...we were really tired. We checked into a LaQuinta in Fort we were going into our room...there were people sleeping in the bed!!! All Chris could say was "I see flesh...I see flesh!" We screamed and ran to the front office! They gave us another room...we banged on the door at least two minutes before we opened it...and once we were in the room we put the dresser against the door! We got up early the next day to go home - I don't remember Mom...or Chris's brother being too terribly mad at us.

I can't believe it has been 15 years!
Thank you Christin for giving me a GREAT memory!!

Here are some pictures of me & Christin Paige through out the years. We have been best friends over 30 years.

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