Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day...

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
I have a great Daddy...I am sure you have heard & read this from me before.
I love my Daddy and I am so glad there is a day to honor him as my Daddy.

Here's something you may not know. In the late fifties my Daddy made a living supporting my Mom & two older brothers by working in a coal mine in the hills of West Virginia. When the coal miners went on strike Mom & Dad decided they needed to find a better source of income to support their little family. My Dad and my uncle and a friend left West Virginia looking for work. They ended up in Mississippi finding jobs at a chicken farm but there were three of them and only two jobs so they decided to keep searching. As they were eating at a diner in Mississippi this waitress told them there was something called an "oil boom" in Odessa, Texas where they could find work. She said if Dad would pay for the call she would get them a job...and she did. Once they got to Odessa they were broke and had to live in a horse barn for two weeks until they could afford to rent them a place to stay. Dad would fill a bucket at night with water from a local gas station so that they could bathe each morning. Once Dad had a place and some money saved he sent money for Mom & the boys to move to Texas. Mom & the boys along with Grandpa Light came to Texas....they left their cute home, new furniture, a stocked pantry, a smokehouse full of meat, all their family and give us (me & my brothers) a better life. My Daddy worked everyday of his life for forty years in the West Texas oilfield. He was gone by 5am every morning and most nights he didn't come home until dark. He usually worked on Saturdays until noon...or the job was done.
He never complained, called in sick, and only took two weeks a year for vacation.
He has a vast knowledge of the oilfield and even after he retired people would call him for oilfield advice. This make me proud - he gave it his all and his best. I am who I am because of my parents and what they sacrificed for me.

So...thanks Daddy. Thanks for all the new shoes, fancy clothes, teaching me how to make the world's best apple butter sandwich, thanks for giving me a great memory of a 4-way stop, thanks for cracking all those pecans & giving me the better piece, thanks for not letting me go to the movie with that boy when I was too young, thanks for hugging me & letting me snuggle beside you when I was scared, thanks for making me laugh, buying me the best Christmas presents, letting me get chickens, teaching me to fix things, getting me that yellow bike...and the pink one...and the moped, thanks for going to all my school functions even when you were too tired, for supporting me even when I failed & disappointed you, thanks for loving me...and thanks for being the BEST grandpa to my John. I know you know this...but John really loves you...he tolerates the rest of us...but he truly loves his PaPa.

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Linda said...

Okay, you made me cry! Great post. What would we do or be without our daddies???