Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time Standing Still...

It's 11:00am Thursday morning we are still waiting.
The doctors are ready for Dad in Albuquerque...but they still don't have a room available. The coordinator told me as soon as a room is open they will air lift Dad at that moment. He is doing really good - everything is stable.
We are ready to go and get done whatever is going to be done!
If they don't have a room available by 3:00pm then we have to wait until the next day. Dad says this is how he remembers being in the Army - hurry up and wait.
Many people have been asking why we have to go to Albuquerque to have this done. The doctors told me that each VA Hospital specializes in a certain Amarillo specializes in urology & prostate treatments, Albuquerque is the heart, & Oklahoma City is ear, nose & throat.

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