Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday update on Al

Just wanted to do a quick update on Al. Tina called about 3:30 and said they had gotten the call from Albuquerque and that Al would be flying out there today. She called back a little later and said Al's flight would be around 6:00 and the flight was one hour. Tina and Mary left around 6:00 as well to drive to Albuquerque. It takes about 5 hours to drive from Amarillo. Tina said Al was doing really well today and feeling much better, that his blood pressure had really come down and that his heart rate was definitely more stable. She said the doctors in Albuquerque were going to start running tests as soon as Al got there. Last thing Tina wanted me to remind everyone that New Mexico is in the Mountain Time Zone so they will be one hour earlier than Texas time, so please factor that in if you call. I plan on updating the blog as soon as I have any new information to try to keep everyone informed without having to inundated Tina with phone calls. I'm sure they would appreciate prayers for safety and a quick resolution and healing.

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