Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potty Time!

My precious boy...where does he come up with this stuff??
As most of you know several months ago John surprised me when he walked into the bathroom...went to the toilet...raised both lids...(side note - you can only imagine - I thought I had the most brilliant child - one that automatically potty trained himself)...and...looked over the toilet and spit! Then he lowered the lids, flushed, shakes his hands in sign language (the finished sign that is) and walked away. Apparently John was copying his PaPa who chews tobacco and occasionally uses the toilet as a "spittoon".
So...here's the latest. When I give him a bath in the evening I undress him in his room and let him walk to the bathroom in his birthday suit. He has now started a habit of peeing before he gets in the tub. He has done this on the tile twice and in his the bedroom once. I happen to catch this performance as he is finishing!! The funny part though...as soon as he is done...he runs and flushes a toilet!
Randy and I bought him a potty chair but he only spits in it...and when you sit him on it - he screams. The story begins...


Blog for Pack 74 said...

That's so funny!

Zee's first experience with a potty chair left lots to be desired. You know the little "boy" guard on the chair to keep pee from flying when they sit? Well he hurt himself with it the first time. He hated the potty chair. So we took a break from it and bought a seat adapter for the real toilet and a stool. He was still wary of sitting down, so I brought Dad in and when he had his light bulb moment and realized that you can STAND and pee, he was potty pro. That was a game HE could play. Then the first day we were miles away from home at a park and no bathroom in site, he got to pee on a tree. WOW! He was done with toilets. Trees are the best. When they went camping during Spring Break, that was the first thing he said. We got to pee on trees! BOYS! Gotta love em!

Linda said...

Yes, they do like watering the trees. We had to deal with that at least once a year in kindergarten. They just couldn't understand why that was not allowed at school. Don't worry, he'll get it. He's not even two yet and since he is already interested, that's a good sign.