Monday, February 16, 2009


For those keeping track. The sheep...the little lost sheep...has been in my bed the past two nights...this includes the night John stayed with MaMa & PaPa. I accused Randy of secretly putting the sheep in bed with us...but I watched John this evening put this little lost my bed.
John did stay all night at MaMa & PaPa. He went to bed around 11pm (three hours past his usual time)...woke up at 1am & took another bottle of milk...woke up at 5am - completely wet the bed, sheets, clothes, MaMa's night gown and he was ready to party!! When Mom called at 9am and Randy answered the phone all she said was..."HELP"! John slept all day Sunday - it was, Randy & John all curled up in bed & napped - the perfect birthday!

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