Monday, February 16, 2009

The Search....

I think I am getting old. Okay…I know am not old but I am in search of something that makes me feel like I am old. I am in search of the world’s most comfortable slippers. My feet stay cold and nothing keeps them warm.
I bought a pair of fake Ugg Boots from Wal-Mart in the fall. (I refuse to pay $100+ for slippers that Hollywood has made famous.) I enjoyed my itchy…fake support... still have to wear socks to keep warm…falling off me boots - until…Randy got a pair of men’s slip on Ugg slippers for Christmas from my folks! These slippers are almost heavenly…the sheepskin is super soft and they warm your feet immediately but...they feel like you are walking on cardboard – no support whatsoever....(see there I go again - worrying about support) When Randy doesn’t wear his new slippers...I secretly put them on - to warm my feet….& apparently he does not like this - after ten years you would thought I would have known that Randy does not like to share his shoes. I tried on some women’s Ugg's at Dillard’s today – they are on sale. They are so soft but uncomfortable to walk on. I made....I mean I asked Randy nicely to go to Dillard’s tonight to buy me some Ugg's like his…he brought back two different styles – soft but very uncomfortable.
The search continues…
I would like something that encompasses my entire foot in soft sheepskin and has something like “memory foam” for the sole. It needs to have a good bottom for indoor/outdoor use…I better add…”I promise and do solemnly swear I will never wear these slippers to Wal-Mart”. The sheepskin should be cozy soft…not the fake…itchy stuff. I want it to feel like air or a cloud when I walk…and they need to be washable too....maybe in a tan color. Do you have any suggestions??

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