Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As most you know I am a HUGE supporter of the United States Military!
Anytime I see someone in uniform or wearing a hat stating their branch of service I always try to thank them for my freedom. I love to see the look on their face when I thank them…it is priceless! If you have never done it I highly encourage you to do so. Randy has even got on the bandwagon and bought several lunches & dinners for servicemen. I also financially support Adopt A Platoon…which is an organization that makes sure soldiers get some sort of mail from home.
Point to this blog…
I have been in the dumps all day...this election, our economy, the war, the bailouts, etc....then I got my mail. Much to my delight my cousin Dan (who is in the Army) submitted me for a Commendation from the U.S. Army Freedom Team! I was so surprised, shocked, overwhelmed, and joyous – all at once…and of course…I exploded into tears!
I got a wonderful letter thanking me for all I do, a certificate (which I immediately framed!), a lapel pin, and some Army stickers for my vehicle. This is a very big highlight for me!
I called Dan tonight and left him a message - thanking him profusely! Dan is currently in training…he will soon be deployed to a foreign country - he is doing what he loves to do! So as a favor for me...when you pray please remember Dan and his wife (which is my very best friend) and his cute as a bug little girl! Our freedom…is not free. Thanks Dan!


Melissa said...

HOW COOL!!!!!!

Linda said...

I big "salute" to you! You go girl.