Monday, December 1, 2008

The Christmas Sweater

I love books. I have hundreds of them but I can never find the time to actually read them. A good friend and I always laugh at this other friend cause she has 50 million self-help books and has only read the first chapter...when in reality that is actually me...but I read the last chapter too. With all that being said I would like to recommend a Christmas book to you. The book is a true story by Glenn Beck. Beck is a conservative radio host & had a show on CNN...he is moving to FOX in 2009. I have been listening to Beck for 5 to 6 years...and I love him. I just "get" him...not alot of people do...& many people I know don't care for him. Anyway...Beck has wrote this book "The Christmas Sweater" and it is an amazing book...I finished it in three days...I could not put it down! I would pass my copy around but I have marked it up, and I plan on making it a Christmas tradition to read. It has a great and inspiring message!

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