Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Since Linda (my sister-in-law) retired from school she has been trying a bunch of new and interesting recycling, yoga, going green, taking great photos, hiking up a mountain with a llama...on...and on... Her "crunchy-ness" is starting to rub off on me...I am starting to recycle, eating more natural/organic foods, I purchased bags to use at the grocery store, and loving yoga! I have been going to yoga for a month with Linda and Christi (my other s-i-l)...and I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE IT! It is the most relaxing and tranquil activity I have ever done! I encourage you to check it out! I have noticed that I am starting to get toned and I can do stretches that I couldn't do a month ago. I will admit of the best parts of yoga is going with Linda. We do some moves that are so funky and almost impossible to do...we laugh at each other. Any other time when I would workout or do aerobics I would dread going to class...not with yoga - I can't wait to get there! If you get a chance to try yoga - try it!

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