Monday, September 29, 2008

Am a Mother???

Okay...this is going to sound strange but sometimes it is hard for me to believe I am a Mother. I watch the birth of John at least three times a month to confirm this...I weird!! I guess since I have waited and WANTED a child for so long it is hard to believe the moment is here. Why am I blogging about this you ask??? dear friend Laura and her family was in town for the weekend and she took a some awesome is funny to see my boy with her this really true??? My child with her children??? It is so surreal!

Braxton, John, & Cayden - the boys were so sweet with John and John loved them!

Cayden & John

Here's our motley crew!

This is a new thing with sweet sugars! Great pic Laura!


mookie59 said...

You are a Damn Good Mother!!Never doubt that!!!Love ,Kevin

Melissa said...

Isn't it surreal? You are the greatest mom, and I just know that boy of yours is something extremely special. Now---when are you having another one?!? LOL :)