Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We went to see the Great Pumpkin in Durango on Saturday and had the best time…I plan on making this a new family tradition. This is the third year the Durango Railroad Company has held this event. I visited with the man (I forgot his name) who thought of this and donated his land to this event. He was so very nice and said he believes in family & family time. The Great Pumpkin as I am sure you know is from the Peanuts Cartoon. This is right up the Hare Family alley! I have a miniature set of the Great Pumpkin characters (Lucy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, etc.) on my entry table for Halloween…which John loves to play with. We have the video – which we have watched several times…so this event was perfect for us! Randy and I both remember as children watching this show each Halloween and the great memories…we want that for John. Back to the Great Pumpkin experience…we rode on a real train about 20 miles outside of town to a beautiful piece on land with lots of aspens. They had children’s music, apple bobbing, face painting, a pumpkin maze…that led to a pumpkin patch, balloons, bounce houses, hay rides, farm animals, and last but not least…Lucy, Snoopy, & Charlie Brown! We had a great time! John was got really excited when he seen the characters. A new thing John really liked was the hay…it was so funny! We stayed there almost two hours and rode the train back to Durango. Most children had costumes on – a little girl (3years old) who sat in front of us on the train was dressed as FiFi the french poodle…of course John loved that…they played over the seat going and coming! We had a blast and definitely coming next year!

John's on the end...memorized by the music
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