Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day One

We've made it - we are in Durango, Colorado. It is so beautiful and the trees are in the most amazing colors…I have never seen so many different shades of fall! As we were driving along I would tell Mom to look at this…she would tell Dad to look at that…and Dad would tell me to look over there! John would just hoot and holler – he is having the time of his life with his two favorite “spoilers” with him! He did really well on the drive - 463 miles. Mom and Dad fed him all kinds on snacks, played all sorts of games with his toys, sang songs, and kissed him a about million times – I love it and he did too!
The drive was good…except between Albuquerque, NM and Bloomfield, NM…about 120 miles - it was really dry, it was through an Apache Reservation, and limited stopping places…it wasn’t “bad” just not that pretty…plus…I had to hear the story of “Four Corners” once again…for the 500th time! (Four Corners Story - you know where the 4 states meet…you can put a hand & foot in each state - When I was sixteen we - me, Mom & Dad - came to Colorado for vacation…at a certain point we were trying to decide what to do…while Mom went to the restroom Dad and I mapped us out a plan. Dad and I decided to go to Four Corners…we threw Mom in the backseat and told her WE had made the plan and she was going to like it. Needless to say…SHE didn’t like it. There wasn’t much to see…it was dry…and when we stopped at a store to potty the sign on the front door said you had to spend at least $6.00 to use the restroom. To this day Dad & I hear that story at least five times a year…and it gets worse every time! We laugh every time too! To this day Mom will not let me and Dad look at a map together!) So…that stretch of highway yesterday looked just like Four Corners (we were close to it)…and to beat all…the town slogan in Bloomfield is…”the heart of four corners”!
Once we got to Durango we checked into the hotel and went to eat at Fiesta Mexicana. It was great…massive amounts of food! As we were leaving the Spanish hostess was waving to John…he started waving back and wanted to see her up close….the next thing you know my son had his arms around her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek!! Mom and Dad loved it…it was sort of sweet…but that’s my sugars!!
We are getting ready now to go to our train ride…then we are driving to Colorado Springs. Please be praying for Mom…her arthritis is acting up…I told her we might cut the trip short…and she said absolute not! Until the next post…bye-bye!

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Linda said...

Sounds like fun. Can't wait to hear about the train ride and the Great Pumpkin! Take lots of pictures.