Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I really going to miss this???

Trace Adkins has a song..."Your Going to Miss This"...if your volume is up you can hear the song. I love this song...and it usually makes me cry...then I had a particularly hard day.

The day started with John biting me...I guess he wanted to see what I tasted like...please see the evidence in the picture below...then John had the diaper that was muddy - very muddy - am sure you do not need a visual aid for that one!!!

Then came the kitchen disaster. I was trying to clean out my refrigerator when the boys (Randy & John) decided they needed to take part and "camp out' in my space. After a few explosions, John throwing up, Lucky Charms on the floor, and stuff spilling everywhere - I wondered "Trace - am I really going to miss this"? the end of the day...after all the messes were cleaned up...and I was playing on the floor with my healthy and happy little man...I thought to myself..." going miss it!"

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