Saturday, June 7, 2008

It All Begins with a Dr. Pepper

Uncle Rich....okay technically he is not Uncle Rich to us...Richard is Christi's (Randy's baby sister's) brother-in-law...Richard is Kelly's (Christi's husband) brother.
We call him Uncle Rich...Rich and Randy are really good friends...last year as Randy and Uncle Rich were contemplating life as they usually do...they were in deep discussions about today's youth and Uncle Rich made the comment "it all begins with a Dr. Pepper".
So now...when Randy and I see a young'ins misbehaving we look at each other and say..."it all begins with a Dr. Pepper". We are always complaining about how parents give their kids too much soda(Dr. Pepper) and that makes them hyper and out of control.
The point here....and there is one...a few weeks ago John learned how to drink out of a straw. So...when my folks and I went to New Mexico last week (note - previous blog) we stopped at a Mickey D's for a Coke...the next think I Mom is complaining someone "stole" her Coke... I told her to take it away...but he is the grandson....and she is the grandma....what is a girl to do??? So...It all begins with a Dr. Pepper...better yet...a Coke!

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