Saturday, June 7, 2008

345 Miles for Food....

As a "Light" I love to take road trips...just jump in the car and drive - no particular place to go.
I have taken many one day trips with my folks to eat at a favorite restaurant...tour a cavern...or look at bluebonnets in bloom. As Merle would say...I get "white-line fever". Unfortunately for me Randy does not understand this desire....he thinks it's totally insane to drive 360 miles in one day to eat at a restaurant that I have not ate at in 16 years. I have started taking these trips with John now in hopes I can get him some white-line fever... So last Thursday my folks and I...and Little Bit took off to Santa Rosa, New Mexico to eat at Joseph's - it has been there since the fifties.
We then drove 38 miles to Fort Sumner, New Mexico to visit Billy the Kid's grave. We had a fun day despite the horrible wind!
In total we drove over 345 miles. It was worth it and Little Bit had a great day with great memories!

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Melissa said...

How fun!! I think it does all start with a Dr. Pepper---better yet a Root Beer in our family! :) Such cute pics! Did you know that our new house is literally right down the road from you?!?