Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This past weekend John was Dedicated at church.
It was very sweet – most of his immediate family was there.
It was so cute…we were at the alter…it was sort of quite…and John saw his LeeLee video taping him and he squealed loudly – everyone laughed!!!
John’s Gaddy Sue and GrandMommy LaPita drove from Odessa to be apart of this celebration - it was great to have them here!!
Randy took us all to the Amarillo Club for dinner after church.
John was in the best mood – it was like he knew the evening was all about him!

John is being prayed for by Pastor El was HOT!

MaMa Light telling PaPa Light something good!
Jolene & John in deep conversation!!

Three Hare Generations!


Melissa said...

I'm still disappointed that I missed it. :( Love you guys and hope to see you soon!

G said...

So happy you are back! I think you seriously might have a hat fetish Tina lol.
Love you all