Tuesday, November 6, 2007


First thing – Happy Anniversary to my dear friends Laura & Steve! Laura – I hope you have a wonderful time tonight…I miss talking to you!
Our weekend was not to exciting….my Daddy got out of the hospital Friday evening…he does have gallstones but his pain actually came from two cracked ribs! We are not sure how it happened but at least we know where the pain is coming from! They are going to schedule gallbladder surgery after his ribs heal.
Saturday my Mom and I went to the mall to do a little shopping…John Randall had to have a little fit in the middle of Sears! He only has fits when he is hungry or tired….thank goodness. One thing that calms him down quickly…are you ready for this…Bob Wills music. It is the funniest thing! He can be screaming but when “Osage Stomp” comes on he stops crying!!!
Sunday was a great day! John Randall went to his first birthday party! His cute and single friend Caroline Grace turned one! She is so beautiful and fun to be with! I hope they are good friends and playmates in the future. Her Mommy (Melissa) and I are buddies! Caroline and John have this connection…it was made long before they were born! The day ended great – the Cowboys whooped up on
the Eagles…that makes us 7-1 for the season – which makes Randy very happy. Although Randy won’t get too excited…he doesn’t want to be too disappointed if they lose. He is running the numbers and says we will be in the playoffs for sure. He is so funny…we can’t “jinx” the team by talking about it. He got us tickets to see the game in Dallas on November 18th but we will have John so we are going to give the tickets to some friends. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take John at 11 weeks to a loud football game – Randy thought it would be a great way to really introduce John to the “boys”. I won that battle!!!
MaMa & PaPa watched John all day today while I did some cleaning! I am in a spring cleaning mood! I cleaned out my closest and bathroom – I threw away a bunch of stuff! I got the Halloween decorations put up, the Thanksgiving decorations put out and the Christmas decorations down! Yes…I am going to start decorating now!! I am very anxious for Christmas this year! I have already started singing Christmas songs to John!!
John is doing wonderful! He had his first bottle with oatmeal tonight and loved it – he gulped 8oz and wanted more! He definitely has a good appetite! We are having a family portrait taking on Friday. I am so excited!! Steve Satterwhite is going to take them and they are going to be outside. All three of us are going to wear our white long sleeve oxford shirts and blue jeans! I hope John is wake and in a smiling mood! Thanks for stopping by!!

Caroline Grace looking so serious as we sang Happy Birthday
Mmmmm...yummy cake

John and Mel's Grandma...John loves Grandmas!!

Mel is so good at this stuff!!!

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The Haskell Family said...

Awww, you are so sweet! We LOVED having you and John over--you need to drop by more often! Keep me updated on your dad--and thanks for being such an awesome friend!