Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whew...I am out of air...get me my puffer!!!

Holy Smokes!!! Talk about out of shape!!! This is pathetic!! I went to Strollacize today and it was great but I got a huge wake up call! I have got to do something about my weight!!!
John is going to be mobile in a few months and I better be able to catch him!! So...I am going to join the class and go three times a week. I am going to start eating better and...and...stop drinking Cokes!! I have YOU as my accountability - right??
BTW - You would have loved John today at Strollacize...when I was doing the exercises on the floor (yes you lay on the ground in the mall) John would just laugh at me!! He thought it was funny to see Mommy try to do a sit-up!

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Melissa said...

LOL! I'm so glad you went and had fun! Call me and give me the down low--or low down--whatever it's called. :) Thanks for the call yesterday too--I know you and Randy will have MUCH success with your new "endeavor."