Thursday, November 1, 2007

What a Week...

This week has been crazy!!!
We thought Daddy was having a heart attack Monday morning…so we spent all day Monday at the VA Hospital! They thought it was his gallbladder (x-ray showed gallstones)…they sent him home with pain medication on Monday…we had to go back on Wednesday to meet the surgeon. The surgeon (Dr. Arias…who looks like Robert Deniro) immediately admitted Daddy to the hospital…he wanted to run some tests to before he operated for gallstones. A scan today showed no gallstones and Daddy has had no pain – at all! We are not sure what they are going to do…they may do gallbladder surgery anyway. Daddy is ready to come home…they have him on a strict liquid diet plus there is no sleeping in the hospital – they are constantly checking his blood pressure, temperature, and sugar. I should know Friday by noon what the plan is.
Halloween was a blast! I made John a music cd with the songs Thriller, Superstition, Werewolves of London, and the Monster Mash. We danced around the house several times – I loved it…Randy thinks am a nut! It was fun to show John off to the trick or treaters! I bought the Tootsie Roll costume before he was born – I handed out Tootsie Roll candy!!

My friend Melissa and her family came by – her kidlets look so cute!!! Her baby Ms. Caroline (the goldfish) is turning one this weekend so we have our first official birthday party to go too!! Hope you had a better week! If you get a chance please pray for my Daddy – his name is Allen!! I appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by!

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The Haskell Family said...

I was wondering how your daddy was doing...thanks for the update! I will DEFINITELY keep him in my prayers. Let me know what they find. I am leaving town today for the WOF conference so I won't get to talk to you until the party. CUTE PICS!!!! See you Sunday! :)