Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happenings with the Hares

My JR will be 7 in 51 short days.  It is amazing how fast time is going and how big he is getting.  aHe has already told me at least 5,000,028 different toys Legos he would like to have.  I am in the process of planning a fun cowboy themed party with a live pony and games but that has been shot down.  At this point he has asked to go out to dinner and then let HIM pick his own toy out at Toys R Us.  This is good with Daddy but for me…not so much…JR is like his Daddy when it comes to making a decision.  JR has to look at ALL his options, then narrow it down, go back to the other pile, then back to the narrowed down pile, review everything and then make a choice.  Randy enjoys it.  So Stina and I will probably go to dinner and let the boys go shopping.  JR has always been like his Dad when it comes to decisions and so far Stina is just like me – hey that looks great lets get it and go!

After the birthday & Labor Day we will start school and extra activities at the Hoppin Hares Academy we will be in full swing.

Instead of staying with Calvert for John’s education will are going to use Accelerated Christian Education

Calvert is 100% secular and ACE is Christ centered.  I have several friends that have used ACE and graduated their children with ACE.  I was having to supplement more with Calvert (Bible, Math, and Reading) plus Calvert was going to cost $1,900. and ACE is $543.  John tested past First grade so Second grade…here we hop.

Some more exciting news.  John has been accepted into a brand new all day home school coop that will meet iphone 024every Thursday.  Unlike Seekers I will actually drop him off and not attend with him.  He will have Bible study, Science, Math, History, some playtime and lunch.  I think it would be really good for John to meet some new friends, some of his current buddies will be there, and spend some time away from Mom.  I don’t know if he is going to go for it.  We have talked about it, drove past where he would go, and why this is such a unique opportunity for him to have some fun.  John still has some letting me out of his site issues since last summer but I am praying against that and encouraging him to fly a little on his own.

Lastly…KARATE.  We are going to an intro class this week to see if John would like to join.  If he does he will have 4-5 private lessons and then join the class.  Once again I am hoping and praying this is something he likes and he is good at.  Bless his heart he is not a sports type boy.  We have tried soccer, gymnastics, archery, and swimming.  He is pretty good at swimming but he is not old enough to join a team.  I am excited about Karate because of the structure, discipline, and I love the family that owns & teaches it.

Stina…by the way she has officially changed her name.  I am not going toiphone 040 start anything formal with Stina until next year.  Although she tends to stay in the classroom with us and listens and colors.  She is learning more than I think she is.  We are working on colors and correctly holding a pen.  It has to be her idea though she is very independent.  Her extra-curricular activity is going to be dancing.  Did you hear my deep breath?  She says she is very excited and I am excited for her.  We will go to dance while John goes to coop.

Before any of this!!!  I get to see Beth!  Then Laura!  Then Christin!  Fun times ahead!!


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Darla said...

Reading your post about your day with the kids has brought tears to my eyes. It was my prayer so often last year when you were so near leaving this life: Please let her recover. Her babies need her. And I am so thankful to our heavenly Father that He answered that prayer in the way I hoped, and you are still here, loving your babies, teaching them, and living a beautiful life. Hugs. You are my miracle example, and reminder that nothing is impossible...