Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meeting–Maximus Deus Hare

At some point after they brought me out of my coma and I could talk.  The first thing I told Randy was “JESUS WAS IN OUR HOUSE!!”  (at this point I have no clue why I am in the hospital & I didn’t ask  The only thing I could equate a hospital too was having babies..I kept asking everyone to bring me my baby!)

Jesus was in our house.  Randy is better at telling this part…he said I was so excited like I had seen a rock star or someone really famous…of course – JESUS WAS IN OUR HOME!!

I told Randy how Jesus took my hand and told me “I was going to be alright”.  Jesus was like an old friend.  Someone I knew all my life.  There was not a great cloud or light around Him but a calmness that I only felt one more time.


Jesus looked every much like this man but his hair was longer.  And His eyes – speechless  His tone was sweet and He was wearing a long rode and sort of looked like burlap.

I would go on and tell Randy that I met Max.  Max is our son we lost in a miscarriage between John & Christina. 

I saw in a huge city.  Very tall buildings – they were all the same was almost cream/tan color.  There was a long line of people wearing long gowns..much like the one I saw Jesus in the first time.  I spoke to no one but everyone was happy and looked to be between 20-30 years old.  As I got closer to what the people were lined up for I saw HIM.

As I got closer to the beginning of the line I saw a bright cloud of glory all around Him.  So bright I could almost not look at Him.  This didn’t bother anyone in line but it was blinding me.  About that time He spoke to me and said “Tina what are you doing here???!!!”

He wasn’t mean and his tone was not harsh…it was a firm tone.  I remember being confused and turning around to leave.  As I was walking away confused I heard a child’s voice say -

Mommy!  Mommy!!!  I stopped.  I turned around.  And there before me was a little boy of 3 or 4 jumping in my arms.  He was the cutest boy ever!  He had dark curly hair and HUGE brown eyes.  I knew in an instant who this was.  No one had to introduce us. 

I said “MAX!!  what are you doing here!!!  And he calmly kissed my cheek and said he was with His friend Jesus and they were washing feet together.  I told him that I would come and help! And he said “oh no Mommy…you have to go home and take care of Bubby and Sissy but you will see me soon! “  He gave me another kiss and ran off to be with his friend Jesus.  This was and is the best moment of my life – ever.

I hear testimonies of people that have experienced Heaven and don’t want to leave.  I don’t have that feeling.  And it’s because Max told me to take care of his brother & sister.  Max even knew he had a brother & sister.  What greater joy.

Someday we will all be together.

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