Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Human Touch

The cross is the sure symbol of God’s love for you.  It is at the cross that “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”. - Joseph Prince

I love the Cross! 

I started collecting crosses when I first moved to Amarillo almost 14 years ago. 

This is the first cross I bought.  IMG_0436

Word started getting around about my love and my collection started to grow!

This cute one is my second cross. A souvenir from Leelee & Kevin. I always loved the green stones.IMG_0460

Made with love from my niece KelseaIMG_0425

Made with love from my niece LexieIMG_0426

Just because from my bestie LauraIMG_0428

From my sister and her husband…my brother and my GiGi that I love so much! IMG_0429

This colorful cross is from ChristiIMG_0438


IMG_0448I love all my crosses and can tell you where each and every one of them came from.  Many times as I glance at a certain cross I will say a prayer for the person or family that gave me that cross.  I never get tired of getting crosses as a gift.   Which brings me to…today.

A few weeks ago John was asking me all about our crosses in the hallway.  We touched almost all of them and then prayed a small prayer for each person/family. 

John then decided he was going to buy ME a cross for my 40th birthday!  He immediately told Daddy what he wanted to do and reminded him several times over the next few days but the weeks have gone by so fast…it was never bought…here we are and John has no gift to give me.  I had forgot about our conversation but not little John.  Randy is VERY sick.  He had the stomach bug and now he has the flu/cold.

All day yesterday (Valentines Day) John kept apologizing for not buying me a birthday gift.  At least 5 times he mentioned it to me and then in his bath last night he was crying that he did not buy me a cross for my birthday.  I reassured him it was okay and not a big deal but he was terrible upset.  Both Aunt Christi and Aunt Leelee said they would be more than happy to take him out shopping for Mommy but he said he just didn’t want to go.

I decided to take John cross shopping at the mall.  (To be honest with you I was pretty “peeved” at my husband for NOT taking care of this!  This was important to John!!  And it was my birthday!!  Why was I buying my own gift!?!?)  At this shop in the mall John had to inspect each cross (at least 200 of them) before making a decision.  He narrowed it down to five, then three, then 2, and well…we went home with two crosses.  (One will be revealed at a later date!)  I thought he did pretty good at picking out a cross!  Actually I LOVE it!IMG_0453I asked John why this cross?!?  They had so many to choose from?!?!  He said “for 3 reasons Mommy!”  “#1 It has a picture of Jesus on it, #2. It has our verse on it (he is memorizing John 3:16), #3 It has my name on it!”

Love his heart!

As if this pie could get any sweeter!

The lady behind the counter asked me where I worked.  She told me I looked familiar.  I told her I didn’t – I was a SAHM.  And she said…”no – I definitely know you from somewhere!!”  I told her I had not worked in almost 10 years – sorry.  Then she asked…didn’t you work at CareNet Crisis Pregnancy Center?!?

Oh…yeah…I did do ministry work for several years.

Then this woman said “You saved my life.  You changed me.  Your name is Tina is it not?”

Well…of course I just about fell out!?!?!?!?!?

She told me her story and her name.  I have no clue or memory of this woman but okay.  I’ll take this!

I thanked her and told her she gave me the best birthday gift ever!  I am so thankful I was the one who went with John to pick out his cross. God gave me a gift too!

We all touch people’s life everyday.


Linda said...

Okay made me cry. What a great birthday after all. You've got to read Trey Morgan's blog today too. It will make you cry too. Love you.

Laura Fiskin said...

Made me cry too! I think you forget how many lives you have changed! You were the one meant to take John even if it didn't seem like it at first. I LOVE that cross-where did you get it? I wonder if I could find the same one here? Tell John he did a great job!