Saturday, December 31, 2011


Christina Berenice Hare
Should be no surprise she would be my #1!
What a year it has been with her.  I can’t imagine my life without her and I love her so much.  On that hot August day in 2010 when I found out I was having a girl I didn’t know what the Lord was up too.  detail 2Once again He knows what’s best, what we need the most, and He knows better than anyone else.  I am so very thankful He gave her to me.  020
She completes me.  I know you are not suppose to say that…especially about your children but she does.  A friend told me the difference between her son and her daughter was…”her son was her pride & joy but her heart aches for her daughter”.  This is true for me.036Someone close to me scolded me this year and told me “I was letting my children become me.”  To that person this was a bad thing but to me this was a huge compliment.  My children are me…my children are my life now. From the time I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was a Mommy.  pout[5]
The Lord made me wait for what seemed like forever.  I sowed my “wild oats”, went to college, traveled, and had a great career but nothing could satisfy what I really desired.
The first night Randy and I went out as a couple he asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up (I was 26 at the time!) and I told him a stay at home Mommy.
Little did I know the Lord would give me the desires of my heart.003I love a girl.  She’s my little spit-fire and a ball of joy rolled into one.  She is emotional, demanding, happy, and content to play by herself for hours at a time.
My cup runneth over….IMG_8597IMG_0098a

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