Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a BOY!

Christina's Story - Most of you know this story already but I promised the Lord I would speak of His Work, His Words and His Glory.  Over the next several days I am going to share what has become Christina's Testimony.  Glory be to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy - John 10:10

The first attack from the enemy came on June 10th.  I was almost 8 weeks pregnant and I started spotting blood.  Dr. Ashby's office told me to lay down for the next few days and take it easy. I called Randy at work to tell him I was spotting and he immediately came home to anoint me in oil and pray over me.  I was in fear of having another miscarriage but Randy would not let me utter the word or believe it.  The next day I was fine - the spotting stop.

Randy and I both knew we were having a boy.  We were 100% sure we were having a boy and so was most everyone else....except my Mom.  From the moment we told her we were expecting she was convinced it was a girl.

My computer ovulation program showed we should have a boy, the pencil test was positive for a boy, the Chinese gender test which is 95% accurate was also positive for a male child.  Every "old wives tale" test I did was positive for a boy - not sure why I wasn't believing 1 Timothy 4:7! 

Randy & I both wanted a boy child too. We wanted John to have a buddy...a pal....a Kevin.  Randy's favorite lifetime memories are memories he has with his big brother Kevin.  Randy and Kevin were best friends...and are still very close.  We wanted John to have a Kevin. 

Randy and I agreed on the name Richard Allen from the very beginning.  I had all the clothes, car seats, pack & plays, blankets - everything for a little boy.  I had already figured out how the boys would share a room and I was already thinking about bunk beds!  I could not I was good with boys....I had done pretty good with John so far!

On August 17th Randy and I went to our first sonogram to confirm it was Richard Allen.  After thirty minutes of the sonographer pushing on my belly Richard would not open his legs for a peek!  He would not move around at all!   It was very frustrating!  Then about the time I was about to get off the table Richard moved and the sonographer got a quick peek.  The sonographer was not 100% for sure but she was almost positive that it wasn't a Richard….it was….A GIRL!  WHAT!!!   A GIRL!!!  Randy smiled from ear to ear and said..."'s my Tina Berenice!"  WHAT!!!   A GIRL?!?!?  I was not a happy girl.

A GIRL!! WHAT! Are you kidding me right now??? A GIRL??? The sonographer HAS TO BE WRONG….I AM HAVING A BOY!!

NOT A GIRL!!!!clip_image002clip_image002[7]

I was so distressed that they made me another appointment in 6 weeks to look again.

A GIRL?!?!?!

Are you serious??

I don’t want a girl!!!

I was so upset. I cried…no…. I actually bawled all the way home and went straight to bed crying ALL NIGHT!


I don’t want a girl….I want a boy!  I don’t have a bedroom for a girl, I don’t have a name, I don’t have any clothes, and John needs a brother not a sister!!

I cried and boo-hoo’ed all night.

I was a total brat…spoiled brat. Here God had given me the perfect and most blessed gift yet I was not happy with His choice. I was being selfish, ungrateful, and I really needed to be spanked.

And...I got spanked...the very next day.

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