Thursday, December 23, 2010


More "John'isms" that we don't want to forget!

Yesterday Randy was going to work and he told John that he had to take care of Mommy.  He had to make sure Mommy stayed off her feet and did not move around very much.  Randy told John "he had to be the man of the house and take care of Mommy while he was at work."  John looked up at Daddy and said "but Daddy am not a man am just a little boy!"

John was being a wild little "tooter magoo" the other day and I looked at him and said "who are you???"  And without missing a beat he said "well Mommy I am John Randall Hare!"

The other day John had a diarrhea attack in his "pull-up".  Pull-ups are not made for such accidents but he tried to take care of it himself.  By the time Randy got to him there was a mess on the floor, on the wall, on the toilet seat - it was everywhere.  Randy being the great Daddy that he is very lovingly helped John to his bedroom to get him cleaned up.  As they were leaving the bathroom John asked him "Daddy will you please clean this up for me?"  Randy said John looked very embarrassed.  After Randy cleaned John up...John came to me and told me "he had actisent and it okay...little boys have actisent."  I had to was so sweet.

He has stopped calling ketchup...ketchup.  He now refers to it as "chipitz"....who knows why?!?!?

Even though his nose looks great now he has to tell everyone about Kiki biting his nose, his eight stitches, and his horse got stitches too!

We were looking at Thomas the Train toys online the other day and he told me he wanted the pink train named Rosie.  I told him that was fine - he doesn't have her so we should ask Santa for Rosie.  And he said "oh no Mommy not for me but for sissy - she needs Rosie!"

Randy let John drive the car that's attached to the shopping cart at Albertson's last Sunday.  I got my own cart and did my own thing but the boys were not far behind me.  John would honk the horn yell - repeatedly at anyone that got in his way "get outta way!...wrong way Feldman!"  And every few seconds he would jump out of the car and throw something in the shopping cart.  When we got home Randy said "never again!" 

We picked my parents up for dinner the other night and instead of letting me politely inform my folks we were there Randy blew his horn.  This delighted John so much that Randy blew the horn about 10 more times.

Randy was watching the 1940 version of the War of the Worlds.  It had space aliens and funky creatures....John was immediately mesmerized.  I think it was a little much for a 3 year old to watch but he loved it and sat by his Daddy the entire time and would not move.  Randy smiled....Randy loves those old time monster type movies....and apparently John does too.  Along with Godzilla, the Three Stooges, and Abbott & Costello.  Thank God I am having a girl - chick flicks a coming!!

John has now become Daddy's official buddy.  Daddy can't leave the house without John tagging along.  And we have to call Daddy several times a day when he's in his office.  It's really cute....especially when Randy is trying to fix something with tools.  John is his right hand mad and really tries to help.

This parenting thing can be so tough but to look back at the moments that make me smile...make it all worth it.  No amount of money or material object could replace my precious memories.  I don't want to forget a thing!

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Janine Deckard said...

My favorite Tzipism is her most recent use of the word breakfast that comes out brefkissed. Love it!